Our Services

Your local partner for affordable home upgrades and remodel services!

At Revive, we look at what is and re-imagine what can be.
We are a home restoration and remodeling company that specializes in reinventing spaces. Offering superior workmanship and innovative design, we partner with you to make your home everything you want it to be. And we do it all within a manageable budget and timeline.

Home Remodels

Feel cramped no more. Transform your basement into beautiful and functional living space, or explore the potential of an attic conversion. Either way, we can help you add usable and valuable space to your home. The possibilities may not be endless, but they certainly are attainable, and our teams of experts have the skills and experience to make the most of them.

Kitchen Remodels

The kitchen is the center of attention, entertaining and daily life in most every home. Tell us about your dream kitchen. We’ll help you transform your vision and existing space into a kitchen that is as functional as it is beautiful; an environment that reflects your personal style, enriches your life, and enhances your home’s value.

Bathroom Remodels

Your bathroom is filled with potential. Whether you’re seeking a personal oasis in your master suite or an update of your guest bath, our design experts and craftspeople can help you craft a space that is distinctive, comfortable and timeless. Come explore the possibilities with us.

Flooring Updates & Trim

Tilework & Backsplashs

Backsplashes are an ideal canvas for making your dreams come alive with materials ranging from tiny glass mosaic tile to traditional subway tile. In contrast to kitchen projects that require technical expertise, this is one that can truly be called a do it yourself project.