Schmor Residence Kitchen Remodel

Mid Century Kitchen Remodel & Update

We had fun working on remodeling and upgrading the kitchen of this lovely old house.  We replaced the flooring, added new counter tops, updated the cabinets, and upgraded the hardware on the kitchen sink.


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July 20th, 2021 – August 10th 2021


Kitchen Remodel

Client Testimonial

Revive Home Remodel overhauled my little kitchen in a mid-century house. I wanted to have an up-dated refresh without killing the quirky charm of what the house is and why I love my space. Ben and Mike totally got it. They are true craftsmen – they know what they can do and they do it with precision and economy. I appreciated how Ben gives you lots of information ahead of time. You aren’t going to go in to a renovation with this company with any blindness. Though, of course, because of the current state of things, you will have to be prepared for some supply-side surprises.

If you are so lucky to have Revive Home Remodel work on your home, the first thing I think you ought to know is that these are people who really know what they are doing and care about the details. My advice is to step back when they come to work – these are honest and talented professionals. Give them room to do what they can do. You won’t regret it.

Bonus: these are also honest and transparent business-people who are never going to fake their way or try to snow you with “the cheaper way” or force you into the higher cost. If you give them their truly expert room for the hard and honest work they can do – you won’t have to re-do anything.

Also, they’re good company. These guys really love what they do. They care enough about the real disruption that comes from remodeling to contact you neighbors – so there’s not even that mild problem to deal with.

Also, Mike’s music play-list, every day, (which was never too loud) was a joy.

I feel so very lucky to have called Ben and spent the time and waited the waits. I have three other projects for this old house I hope to do in my future – and I won’t spend even half a second on who to call.

John Schmor, Homeowner

5 Star Google Review

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