Washburne Historic District Home Bathroom Remodel

Dual Bathroom Remodel

Just finished up a beautiful bathroom remodel and we love the look !
This beautiful Washburn district home was built in 1907 and stands strong at 115 years old!
The project consisted of demo down to the stud, re-configuring the location of the shower, toilet, and vanity. After replacing the sub floor and drywall it was onto this beautiful tile shower!


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March 10th 2022 – April 5th 2022


Bathroom Remodel

Client Testimonial

“Ben and his crew (shoutouts to Tre and Mikey!) were fantastic to work with. They put together an artisan-quality pair of bathrooms quickly, finishing right on schedule despite supply chain issues that hounded us. The guest bathroom tile in particular required a great deal of precision, and as far as I can tell all that tile is accurately placed to 1/16th of an inch and seamlessly continues patterning across walls, just incredible for such a tough tile to work with. They even had time leftover to take care of a few misc things – putting in a new kitchen sink, microwave, a new hallways door, etc. They cleaned the paths they took in the house as best they could at the end of each day so their impact on our life in the house was as minimal as it could be. I don’t think anyone else in Eugene could have created the bathrooms we wanted as well as they did, much less in just 6 weeks while keeping adjacent living areas clean enough. If I have major remodel needs in the future I’m going straight back to ’em. EDIT: I had a minor project I needed done and they got it done in 3.5 hours within a week of texting him. These guys are great!”
Matthew Porter, Homeowner

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