Master Bath and Bedroom Suite Conversion

Master Bath & Bedroom Suite Conversion

We just wrapped up a beautiful master bathroom and bedroom suite renovation!

This Revive Home Remodel project started by taking everything in both rooms down to the studs. Next we replaced all the electrical wiring and installed new plumbing based on the new bathroom design. Next we added sound proofing material inside the walls for a quieter night’s sleep and placed new drywall, followed by custom trimming and painting. Inside of the attached bathroom we added a new tile shower and a beautiful copper claw foot tub.


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June 14th  – July 15th 2021


Master Bedroom and Bathroom Remodel

Client Testimonial

We chose Revive to create a master bed/bath. They are the most professional, skilled, and honest people I’ve ever worked with.

Professionalism: At every turn, I was treated with respect, and my children were treated with patience and kindness. I am at home most of the day with my two young girls. I am grateful that there was never any offensive music, foul language, or smoking. Ben, Mikey, and Caleb worked thoughtfully, so that our home life was not interrupted any more than necessary. They are the most wholesome crew I’ve ever worked with. Ben also hand-picks his plumbers and electricians, which also made me feel comfortable. Remember that you’re going to have teams of men in your space, probably for a month at least. It’s hard to know at the beginning if you’re making the right choice, which is why I’m writing this review. This is the right choice. You don’t have to settle for smelly dudes who show up late, frighten your kids, and smoke on your property. You can have a clean crew in your home.

Competence: The photos speak for themselves, but I’ll add that Ben and Mikey are the ones who added the creative detailing, such as the lovely door framing, the blue tile and shower niches, and the placement and dimming features of the lights.

Ben just knows what works best, where all the lights should go, how many outlets you’re going to want, etc. Mikey seems to have an artistic touch to his work. It does make a difference when getting your tiles set, and your doors framed and painted. There’s no replacement for talent, and the finished product looks nicer than anything I’ve ever seen. Note: my photos aren’t capturing the true color of the walls. They are a lighter green. It is very pretty.

Honesty: Ben gave us a detailed timeline and estimate. The timeline was a calendar that showed the work to be done each day. His crew showed up at the same time every day (thank you), and completed all of the work on time. In the end, we stayed on budget, and there were no surprises. If something needed to be changed, Ben would tell us in advance and would ask us for input.

Leadership: You can tell that Ben is a good person because his crew are upbeat too. Positivity was in the air every day. It makes a difference in the quality of the work. They’ve created something to be extremely proud of, and I am so grateful that I get to call it my own.

Angela Andersen, Homeowner

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